Spring is the season of love, so why not plan your tipi wedding for this time of the year?

In spring everything seems so magical and romantic: nature is awakening, the days get longer, the first rays of sunshine filling the air… As brighter time approaches, Overgrown Acres look forward to helping you organise your special Tipi Wedding, to ensure you take away such beautiful memories of your Tipi Wedding.

Starting from May, our stunning Tipi wedding venue is ready to welcome you and your guests to give you the tipi wedding you’ve always dreamed of. A rustic outdoor wedding is the perfect solution to enjoy the pleasure of warmer air in a spectacular countryside setting. The light evenings sat outside the wedding tipis enjoying the summer breezes amongst the fire pits for creating extra warmth. Consider sharing a few blankets for those guests in their stunning spring outfits.

A spring wedding gives you an amazing choice of flowers: in this season a lot of gorgeous varieties are blooming and you can take advantage of that for your bridal bouquet and rustic floral decorations for your Tipi wedding

Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, lilies… there are so many kind of flowers you can choose from to add touches of wonderful colours to your setting. Among our partners, Sophie’s Flower Co.can create beautiful and high quality floral ornaments for your wedding day. From garlands to place cards, everything will be studied in detail according to your needs, style and colour scheme.

Whilst pastel tones announce spring and sunshine have arrived, why not try new colour combinations? As spring turns into summer and flowers become an abundance of colour and varieties speak with your florist to capture the perfect tone for your wedding theme. Our rustic Tipi wedding venue provides great alternative backdrop themes. Mint and coral for example is a cheerful combo, perfect to include throughout your wedding design, from the cake top to the bridesmaids dresses.

A favourite colour trend is pale rose and creams a classic combination for those whose love pastels, but also adds a touch of new.

Lastly…why not… Create original Save the Date cards and send with some seasonal flower seeds: they will bloom just in time for the Big Day and provide a personalised memento for your guests.