An outdoor wedding is just perfect in Summer the season of good weather.

In summer everything is full of joy, the days are longer, the warm summer evenings just a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding venue amongst summer meadows, good friends and of course Pimms and sparkling fizz. Warm and light evenings are complemented with an array of fairy lights and seating by the fire pits just aides a relaxing festival vibe; creating an outdoor wedding shared with friends enjoying the sunset.



Since English summer temperatures can be sometimes get really hot, you may want to plan your outdoor wedding for later in the day. You can for example schedule the ceremony in the mid afternoon; consider your outfit and beautifully styled hair? How will you feel under your gorgeous wedding gown? Consider the heat and sunshine when choosing your dress.

When looking for the bridal gown, you will be emotional when you see the perfect dress, try to opt for fresh natural fabrics, such as silk and linen, which make your skin breath.

Hairstyle should be specially designed too for the occasion. Hot weather normally means humidity and frizz… To avoid this, try romantic up dos or braided styles, which stay always in place with very few tricks, there are many hair products available; now is the time to select and practice to ensure those perfect photographs. Ask your hairdresser to suggest suitable styles during your trial hair design.

Rocknroller Hair and Everyone looking Rosie, two of our preferred partners, can both suggest suitable styles for the hair of both bride and bridesmaids, creating a fabulous look perfectly tailored for your outdoor wedding.

Whilst your guests will be stunning in their attire, beautiful shoes and matching handbags, they may not be prepared with sun cream and mosquito sprays. So maybe a good idea to be prepared and share some little baskets filled with sunscreen lotion and mosquito spray. This will be really appreciated!

Parasols are also perfect for attending an outdoor wedding providing protection and safety from sunburn. Don’t forget that your Big Day should be a moment of happiness for everyone,

Groom’s outfits during an outdoor wedding can also take advantage of gorgeous coloured linen and silk, they can look so contrary either blending or as a contrast statement to the bridal party’s outfit. How daring will you be?

A last thought? For your outdoor wedding, why not plan a bar corner with fresh cocktails with ice pops, or introduce ice cream and a fresh fruit station; watermelon and /or berry kebabs. Here at Overgrown Acres our drinks provider JMW Events would be pleased to assist.