Your dog knows you better than anyone and is always by your side whether you’re happy or sad. They absolutely deserve to be part of your Big Day!

Bringing your dog to your outdoor wedding is not only a nice idea, but also a way to have all your loved ones attend the most important day of your life. Your four legged friends add to the relaxed vibe of an outdoor wedding in Nottingham.

At Overgrown Acres your four-legged friends are warmly welcomed. Our rustic tipi venue is perfect to let your dogs enjoy the party too. They can stay quietly close by to the tipis with the other guests or go for a little run through our meadows and woods if they want to stretch their paws. We supply poo bags too for you to use, we wouldn’t want your guest’s Jimmy Choo’s finding their poo’s.

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When considering bringing your dog to your outdoor wedding, think about their personality. Is your furry friend a good boy/girl? Or a lively tornado? Do they like being surrounded by a lot of people? If your dog wasn’t completely at ease during the ceremony, maybe save their time only for the outdoor wedding photos. At Overgrown Acres you may be confident to bring their bed and / or cage and let them snooze in the Bridal Studio during some of the ceremonies so they don’t get too get bored, or.

You could hire a chaperone that will take care of your dog(s) throughout the day and make sure they are safe and cared for. You may plan to have them brought along to your outdoor wedding and taken off site after the photographs. We can recommend Hurleys and Doggie Wedding Daycare both who can support you.

Another idea? If your dog is extremely obedient, they can even have an active role during the ceremony, walking for example down the aisle and bringing the wedding rings to the altar.

Don’t forget to provide food and water for your dog and make sure they stay cool, especially if your outdoor wedding takes place on a hot sunny day.

Lastly, it would be nice if your dog was coordinated and dressed for the ceremony, however don’t exaggerate with garments: a bowtie on their collar or a leash decorated with flowers will be just fine.