You will need to co-ordinate with your Nottinghamshire Wedding Venue & ceremony location, to agree the date & time  before making other plans.

Have you decided how you will say ‘I do’ ? Couples normally decide based on a balance of your religion, culture and your personal wants these can include;

  • A religious ceremony e.g. church or other place of worship
  • Registrar at either a registry office or a licensed venue (
  • A celebrant ceremony at your Nottinghamshire Wedding Venue (remember this is not a legal ceremony unless you have visited a registry office in the weeks before).

Is Nottinghamshire your home, does your family live in Nottinghamshire? Maybe you moved here for university or for a new job?

  • Do you have a favourite place, maybe one you’ve visited before, or somewhere with a special meaning?

Nottinghamshire-wedding-venue 1Choosing your Nottinghamshire Wedding Venue.

  • What type of venue do you prefer? From indoors to outdoors, small and intimate to large and festive.
  • Consider if you want to hold your ceremony and wedding reception at the same location.
  • The variety of Nottinghamshire Wedding Venues provides you with a full spectrum of choices and include; Rustic tipis and barns, stately homes, hotels and restaurant. Many couples choosing a DIY wedding with welcomed support from family and friends, amongst village halls where they relive so many great childhood memories.
  • How many guests will you be inviting? Day guests, evening guest. With an approximate number of guests, it can avoid visiting unsuitable venues, who may be too small or have a minimum number of guests, more than you’re expected numbers.
  • Do you know your budget? Your venue and reception is likely to take for 45-50% of your budget. A word of caution, considering only venues within your budget will allow you to complete your special day with everything else you’ve dreamed off; cars, cake, dress and flowers etc.

Finding your Nottinghamshire Wedding Venue

Looking for your special venue, somewhere different, there are so many ways to research; Searching the internet for ‘Nottinghamshire Wedding Venues’ results in a vast selection for some 900 couples every month.

  • Ask family, friends and work colleagues for personal recommendations of places they’ve visited/attended a wedding in the past.
  • Local wedding fayres can help you find both venues and also provide an opportunity to see them suitably styled for a wedding reception/ceremony.
  • Wedding magazines especially those that compliment the East Midlands and Nottinghamshire e.g. Save the Date magazine.
  • Wedding licensed venues and registry offices can be sourced via Celebrate in Nottinghamshire
  • Social Media; Facebook, Instagram

Nottinghamshire-Wedding-venue 2Questions to ask your Nottinghamshire Wedding Venues

When talking with your select list of venue options, it’s a good idea to have a list of questions, these may include;

  • Do they have your preferred date available? Or is your date fixed or flexible?
  • Can they accommodate your guest numbers; both seated for wedding reception plus additional space for evening guests and the important dance floor.
  • Pricing structure; many venues offer discounted rates for midweek or out of season weddings.
  • What are the catering and drink options? Is it provided in house? Restricted to preferred suppliers? Or can you introduce your own suppliers?
  • Many couples are choosing a picnic basket, afternoon tea or street food as a popular alternative and combination with rustic tipis.
  • Is there accommodation on site for you and your guests covering a range of budgets and options, from Glamping to hotels close by? Many Wedding Venues provide on site accommodation, which adds to the festive vibes and independence of guests. Local accommodation serviced by a reliable taxi is a good alternative too.
  • What happens when bad weather? Rustic tipis can provide the same level of protection and warmth as a typical hotel. If you’re planning a tipi ask if they have panoramic windows in case of rain and heaters available. Do you need to provide umbrellas, blankets and wellingtons?
  • Will your venue coordinator be there on your wedding day? Will they coordinate for you and liaise with your other suppliers. Who will dress your tables? At Overgrown Acres our event team is there the day before and on the day to enjoy you and your guests have a fabulous day filled with special memories.
  • We recommend regular pre wedding meetings with your Wedding coordinator to coordinate your dream day. Planning before minimises the stress on the day and leaves you assured everything will be as you both dreamed off. Lists are a great aide, by documenting the times and tasks of the day your event coordinator and team will ensure there are no misunderstandings.
  • What restrictions does the venue have;
  • Many venues now have planning restrictions for noise, this can be both sound level and time restrictions, often managed through the venue’s own sound equipment.
  • Several venues throughout the country have invested in Directional Array speaker systems which host the speakers above the dance floor directing the music downwards, leaving your other guests to be able to happily chat to each other.
  • Can you have candles? Can you bring your dogs?
  • Are there a minimum number of guests required?
  • Check they have Public Liability Insurance?
  • Is the venue secure if you leave personal /hired in accessories overnight?

Nottinghamshire-Wedding-Venue 3Does your selected venues have amazing gardens full of flowers? try and visit your preferred venue at a similar time of year as your wedding date. Seasonal flowers will bring a variety of colours, or ask to see some photographs of similar months. Consider your wedding palette and the garden backdrop colours for your photographs.

  • Will there be another wedding on the same day at the venue?